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Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business? You could be your own boss and be in control of when and how much you work! But how would you do it; who would help guide you and answer all of your questions? We have been there and learned a ton from our mistakes and successes, and we are here to make sure you succeed! With our system and your drive, the possibilities are endless!




Do you love entertaining and enjoy the simple pleasure of creating something stunning with your own hands? The Teal Plank Workshop family may be just the place for you!





Welcome behind the scenes at the Teal Plank Workshop! This is where the real magic happens. Because we are so concerned about brand image and quality, we make all Teal Plank projects in our attached, fully functioning wood shop!  This also alleviates the stresses of building high quality projects from franchisees.




Say hello to Amber, she is the brains and brawn behind the Teal Plank brand. This loving mother just happens to be a graphic artist and our primary woodworker! At the inception of our business Amber was searching for a creative outlet and a chance to help others learn to be creative. You see, the Teal Plank Workshop does not target only “crafty” individuals; we target people who are used to Pinterest fails. Once those individuals realize that they too can create projects they are proud of, they come back again and again!




We are more than just a sign shop. Farmhouse furniture workshops have become a big part of our identity. Intricate cuts and surprising detail are on display every night. Our customers notice the premium quality wood and meticulous detail that we craft all of our products with. 


If this sounds like an opportunity you’d like to pursue, contact us at for more information.